Find your documents in seconds and never lose them again

At the start of a business, manual document filing can be quick, easy and necessary. However, as your business grows manual filing can become a very cumbersome practice and, with the speed of change in today’s business world, it is important that you can file, find, and store vital business documents in a quick and effective way. Fortunately, there is help at hand, to keep your business documents organised with a high level of productivity, security and that all important space and cost saving.

One of the services WDS provides is PowerRetrieve, an information management system like no other. It’s designed for businesses whose staff need to file and find paper documents. From small businesses to multi-national companies, local authorities, education establishments and police forces, handling information efficiently and simply has always been a constant issue of lost files with lack of recovery, inefficient business processes, which take up time and affect productivity and, more recently, businesses have been more acutely aware of unauthorised access and problems with data confidentiality.

Some interesting stats
Research has shown that over 10 weeks of the year are spent retrieving documentation in the office. Even if you’re already scanning documents into a file management system.  According to research, by IT Pro magazine, into the paperless office, figures suggest that the average UK worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper – annually. Research has also shown that the average document in an office gets copied 20 times, with 7.5% of all documents getting lost and 3% of the remainder misfiled. It’s also been reported that employees typically spend 5-15% of their time reading information but up to 50% of their time searching for it.

PowerRetrieve’s unique indexing technology allows the indexing of every character of up to 7,000 A4 pages per minute to enable retrieval of information of any document within seconds. Fuzzy search logic, used within PowerRetrieve ensures you’ll never lose a document again. It’s even capable of overcoming OCR errors or misspelled words to pinpoint important information at the touch of a button.

WDS customers say that they have chosen PowerRetrieve for its speed, its efficiency and the ability to improve company processes. Other systems they looked at didn’t match up to the value PowerRetrieve offered them. A major benefit is the ability to process multiple documents in one go, which adds to improved productivity, freeing up staff to do their jobs, instead of standing at the MFP or scanner and manually scanning a page at a time.

With PowerRetrieve, text of scanned and electronic documents, turning the entire content into searchable data. With just a few words, dates or letter combinations you can search the full content of email message files, word processing documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, plans, drawings or photographs, even scanned documents, to find the information you need.

The system is available as a standalone application, with software and files residing on the PC that PowerRetrieve is loaded onto or can be embedded into core business systems via the API. There is no limitation to the number of search licences that may be purchased with any mix of Fixed Thick Client Search, Concurrent Thick Search and/or Web Search Concurrent users and is designed to run on Microsoft Windows and utilises the .NET framework; in both 32 and 64bit on client PC’s and 64bit on the server.

All in all, PowerRetrieve gives businesses the flexibility of powerful retrieval without all the indexing, space and paper supply overheads. And, what’s more, it’s simple and fast and there’s no need to change your existing IT systems in order to use it. Find out more by contacting us now:

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